2022 learning tax: Work together towards ecological and digital transition in the construction and infrastructure sector

2022 learning tax: Work together towards ecological and digital transition in the construction and infrastructure sector

The apprenticeship tax, a tool to bring us closer together 

By supporting ESTP Paris with the free portion of your apprenticeship tax, you are contributing towards our commitment: To continue shaping the construction sector and creating more sustainable, efficient, carbon-free, attractive and inclusive infrastructures.

2021 ranking of engineer schools by Figaro Étudiant: ESTP Paris ranks first in the Building and Public Works category, second in the Construction and Civil Engineering category for the second year running, and fifth in the Energy and Environment category.

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You have until 31 May 2022 to pay your Apprenticeship Tax.


  • Transform a school to serve the ecological and digital transition for the building, real-estate, public works, city and territorial development sectors, where humankind has a special place
  • Evolve towards demonstration campuses, true educational breeding grounds and showcases for sector evolutions
  • A new unique ESTP engineer diploma
  • Strengthen the BAC+3 course offer by creating new Bachelor programmes
  • Open new courses in fields in relation with current challenges, such as ecological engineering or low carbon courses
  • Improve the international reach of our programmes.

 2022 BROCHURE ✔

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ESTP Paris is authorized to benefit from the free portion of the Apprenticeship Tax (13%) across its three campuses.

To support you with this, we have provided a
platform to calculate your Apprenticeship Tax and the 13% you could direct, in full or in part, to ESTP PARIS.

You may pay this by cheque, bank transfer or by card.

Upon receiving your payment, we will send you a receipt that you must keep as proof for the tax authorities.

Since 2020, payments must be made directly to ESTP Paris and are no longer made through a collection agency.

Name and address of approved establishments

ESTP Paris -
Campus de Cachan

28 avenue du Président Wilson 94234 Cachan Cedex

ESTP Paris -
Campus de Dijon

Campus Métropolitain,
9-11 rue de Sully
21000 Dijon

ESTP Paris -
Campus de Troyes

2 rue Gustave Eiffel
10430 Rosières Près Troyes

Prefectural approval list

UAI 094 2340H

UAI 021 2252J

UAI 010 1139J


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